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After School Program

We offer the following super fun and effective after school activities for all levels of children of ages 4 and above. These are consistent weekly classes coordinated with the respective schools. Attention is given to each child towards their growth and wellbeing. When your child learns any of our activities, our teachers are available for activity related questions anytime in the future.


To be just fit, effective exercises are enough. But if you want your children to be physically fit and also have tools for ascendence of energy and balance, then Classical Yoga becomes a significant tool. Our yoga sessions include different practices depending upon the age such as Brain Yoga that balances the right and left brain, Physical postures/movements (asanas) to strengthen joints, hormones, lower back, and improve lung capacity | Inward process (kriya) to enhance inner focus, immunity | Breathing practices (pranayam) to reduce stress, anxiety and bring mental balance | Meditations to experience stillness.


If kept regularly, these yoga practices improve physical health, mental balance, immunity, lung capacity and help relieve instability, stress, anxiety and depression.


Bollywood Dance

The dance lessons include child-friendly Indian music which include Bollywood film/Hiphop/Folk/Classical/Contemporary to dance the specially choreographed Indian dance steps from Bollywood/Folk/Classical basics. Different types of dance forms!


If kept regularly, these sessions enhance fitness, flexibility, stamina, confidence, art of expression, joy, attention to life and exposure to the world. All the dances could be performed towards a recital, concert, show or event. Total fun!


Recreational Training

Recreational training sessions include recreational basics, in-depth training modalities, natural strength training movements, insight on how to avoid injuries by moving efficiently. An inspiration to be fit, agile, strong, active and enthusiastic to explore! This knowledge will allow for safe and fun movement in the outdoors as well as general well-being and physical fitness. 

Running, jumping, lifting, climbing, vaulting presented in their most bio efficient and human centric expression relevant for on the trail obstacles to unexpected daily detours. The sessions for children are designed with lot more of fun activities. Watch highlights of MovNat training.

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