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Dance Leela
Monthly once


'Leela' literally means play.

'Dance Leela' is a community event, an endeavor to play and dance together to bring more love, light and laughter into our community. An initiative that also helps to cultivate body-mind coordination, creativity, team work, critical thinking and inclusion.

The games we play are of traditional and contemporary in nature. The dance forms are of Indian Folk origin which can be danced single, with a partner or as a group which will be guided during the dance. We also use sticks to create rhythmic movements to go with the beat, music and the steps. Since this Indian folk dance form is new in the community, steps are taught and made easy to follow. Children, adults and seniors can participate. It is a group celebration.

Beautiful Indian country music and the mesmerizing rhythmic steps take the dancers to a heightened state of exuberance, raising inclusiveness within us, bringing the community together. To those who are totally involved, Dance Leela offers so much fun and leaves everyone utterly full of love, light and laughter. It cannot be fully described as it is something to be experienced :)


The dance workshop includes new steps, repetitions, modifications and simplified techniques to learn the dance movements. It is not only the dance steps but also the presence in the class, ambience of the space and the cohesiveness of the group: all contribute to experiencing the joy and connection along with a fun workout.

Dates: Yet to be announced


6:00-7:00pm: Dance Leela (games & dance)

Dance Leela Entry Fee: Donate as you like in person
(suggested = $5


Venue: Terra Nova Center

Address: Greenville Highway, Cedar Mountain, NC - 28718

Origin: Tanamayi shares, 'This is not something new but has been there for a very long time in the rural southern Indian culture that nurtured me. But it is almost dead now. Until my dear Thatha (Grand Pa's) and Ammachi (Grand Ma's) time, it existed that every evening after the day's farm activities, the small communities come together in the evening to play different traditional games, dance, chat and disperse to their homes for dinner. I have had a tiny taste of it. This promotes physical health, mental health and no one feels left alone. A fun beautiful wise system that worked amazingly to include everyone in the community no matter the differences in preferences. I would like to experience it again and share that rich aspect with the community I live with now. I am so honored to happen to be in Cedar Mountain to witness how people and businesses support each other with joy in this community. Feel very privileged.'

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