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Health is Wealth

Of all the wealth in the world, the health of the body and mind is the greatest. Without which, what use, even if you have all the riches in this world.

Food is the fuel for this body yet it is not just for the body. What we eat directly links to how much energy we generate and how we operate. Food affects not only the body but also the state of the mind. Body and mind are intimately connected and coordinated. With food, we can contribute and control their functions. How at-ease your body is, affects the way you think, act, respond and reflect within yourself which  greatly impacts the relationships you have with people around you. 


The first shelter for you is your body and then your home. So let us create a fit body to reside in, so you could dwell in your comfortable home and explore your life to the fullest on this planet.

"Eat healthy yet let's make it tasty!"

We share insight of how food functions within the system, what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, order of food, and how not to compromise on the taste of the food!

Our Food Services include

Indian Dinner

Indian food at fundraisers

Wholesome Cooking Classes

live cooking workshops

Indian food at your Events/Parties/Family Reunions

Pranic Recipes
free in-house pranic recipes (in progress)

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