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Monthly Wholesome Indian Cooking

Oct 13, 3.5h_GF, Vegan delicious menu, spices, recipes, dinner

  • From 60 US dollars
  • Elk Haven Wellness Center


Cooking is a fun fulfilling activity for everyone especially when our families/friends get to taste the results of our passionate work. Cooking helps with focus, attention, coordination and increases the ability to care and take responsibility. Food is the fuel for this body yet it is not only for the body. What we eat satisfies the hunger and mainly nourishes our body, mind and energy. How we eat and how we treat our food from mother earth plays a significant role if one seeks absolute health and sustenance of this human mechanism. So, what we eat affects the way we think and function in a huge way. In our cooking classes, we bring inspiration to make better choices of food, snacks and sweets along with yummy simplified recipes that you can do-it-yourself. We would cook a 3 course meal and shine light upon the three pranic values of food, spices and their uses/remedies, order of the six tastes for effective digestion, how to intake, and how to design a balanced diet of proteins, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and carbohydrates, and touch upon the proportions of liquid and solid portions in a meal. We prepare such a meal to the best of our abilities in our class. Menu: (We can add eggs for those who want eggs) 1. Ragi Millet Dosa (GF) and Chutney 2. Lemon Rice and Vegetable Side 3. Dessert: Sesame Energy Ball *You meal is included in the class. Options to pack dinner for your family/friends is available up to 4 persons per participant_charged @$16/meal. Please select the price option depending upon the number of additional meals you desire.

Cancellation Policy

Please know once you book, you may cancel but there is no refund available at this time due to the limited spots and efforts behind the scenes. If you have other concerns, please email us. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • 110 Elks Club Rd, Brevard, NC, USA

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