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Rain Dance




16 Weeks


About the Course

Rain Dance course is uniquely designed and choreographed for all levels to offer you a joyful learning experience blending dance movements, Indian rural aesthetics, stories and techniques with the touch of a private class ambience. It is one of a kind!

Classical feminine qualities like receptivity, nurturing, listening, kindness, beauty, exuberance, love, care, compassion, motherliness and sensitivity to life, are key themes expressed in most of our Bollywood dance courses.

Your Instructor


Tanamayi is a dancer, choreographer and an online dance instructor at CALA, Middle Tennessee State University. Very fun, joyful person to work with. A parent shares: "Tanamayi is a very graceful dancer. Knowing how to dance gracefully and how to teach those dance skills is really important for a teacher. Tanamayi is excellent at imparting her dancing skills. She makes the class very interesting with her complete and total involvement in dancing. I am really grateful to have found Tanamayi to teach dance to my niece."

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