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OriginAW offers pre-recorded Bollywood dance courses below for subscribers. Please sign up for the channel at just $5/month and subscribe to have unlimited access to our courses presented as 30m lessons. You could learn the lessons or simply enjoy dancing along daily or weekly, at your own convenient time and space.


Gift yourself, your child, grandchild, wife, sister, mother, grandmother:

A perfect mobility treat to celebrate feminine quality!

Our very first course is a uniquely designed and choreographed for all levels to offer a joyful learning experience blending dance movements, Indian rural aesthetics, stories and techniques with the touch of a private class ambience. It is one of a kind! We call it the 'Rain Dance'.

Be aware that classically feminine qualities like receptivity, nurturing, listening, kindness, beauty, exuberance, love, care, compassion, motherliness and sensitivity to life, are key themes expressed in our Bollywood dance courses.


Dance anywhere anytime!

Let your stress, anxiety and depression sweat away!

Rain Dance Trailer

Subscribe and Dance!

Rain Dance: A Therapeutic Workout

Rain Dance: A Therapeutic Workout

Rain Dance: A Therapeutic Workout
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RD Introduction

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RD Guidelines

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RD Lesson 1

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RD Lesson 2



High School Student, Netherlands

"I hadn't learned dance until I started with Tanamayi. I really enjoyed learning with her. She choreographed the dances in a way that challenged my abilities, but I also had fun. In a few months' time, I gained confidence to overcome my anxiety and stage fear. I choreographed a dance, performed in front of my classmates, and taught them a few dance steps."

Shelley T,

Retired French Professor, TN

"I’m retired, so I want to continue to keep my body and mind active. The dance course I took with Tanamayi fit the bill: It was a fun way to get exercise and learn about a different culture directly from the teacher’s first-hand experience.
The personal anecdotes Tanamayi told of her life in India, the charming meanings behind the movements, and the beautiful venues she danced in all made this feel like much more than a dance class. It was personally enriching, and I look forward to taking another course with her soon."   


Mother & Teacher, Florida

"Tanamayi is a very graceful dancer. Knowing how to dance gracefully and how to  teach those dance skills is really important for a teacher. Tanamayi is excellent at imparting her dancing skills. She makes the class very interesting with her complete and total involvement in dancing. I am really grateful to have found Tanamayi to teach dance to my niece."

Jennifer Raulston,

High School Teacher, TN

“What a brilliant idea to offer the Bollywood rain dance as a course. It’s such a lovely infusion of joy and energy - so fun. I love the way the steps are broken down and taught as individual components, the repetition in sequence, etc.”

More Courses coming soon

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A Special Therapeutic Workout

Rain Dance

6 lessons + 5 support videos


Bollywood folk style dance moves, Indian rural skills and Indian, African, American geographies. A unique course designed to make students joyful, and stress free.

Children Dance

Bollywood Hiphop

Dhoom Dance

dance lessons + support videos

project in progress

Bollywood Hip-hop style dance moves, modern precise fast paced movements.


Classical Fusion

Moon Dance

Dance lessons + support videos

project in progress

Contemporary classical dance moves: Elegant meticulous movements, facial expressions.

"I took an online dance course with Tanamayi and it was such a positive experience. She talked us through all of the dance steps in sections, showed us how to do each step, and then did the steps with us. I’m not the most coordinated person, but she made me feel like a dancer! The entire experience was fun, positive, and energizing. I loved it."

Martha Sumner,

Project Manager, NE

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