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Dance Channel

OriginAW offers pre-recorded Bollywood dance courses below for subscribers. Please sign up for the channel at just $5/month and subscribe to have unlimited access to our courses presented as 30m lessons. You could learn the lessons or simply enjoy dancing along daily or weekly, at your own convenient time and space.


Gift yourself, your child, grandchild, wife, sister, mother, grandmother:

A perfect mobility treat to celebrate feminine quality!

Our very first course is a uniquely designed and choreographed for all levels to offer a joyful learning experience blending dance movements, Indian rural aesthetics, stories and techniques with the touch of a private class ambience. It is one of a kind! We call it the 'Rain Dance'.

Be aware that classically feminine qualities like receptivity, nurturing, listening, kindness, beauty, exuberance, love, care, compassion, motherliness and sensitivity to life, are key themes expressed in our Bollywood dance courses.


Dance anywhere anytime!

Let your stress, anxiety and depression sweat away!

Rain Dance Trailer

Subscribe and Dance!