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Corporate Program

Testimonial from Dr. Sarika Singh, Director

Center for Living Bhuddhist Art, India

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Glimpses of our corporate workshops by Yogesh Cutler and Tanamayi

Why yoga for employees?

Just like any car: the servicing and maintenance of any machinery yield long life and efficiency; Human system is the greatest gadget on this planet which has created incredible things. How well your employees' body and mind is maintained, determines how effective their services yield to the company on a daily basis.


A fit and happy employee/staff/management is always quite proactive and pleasant to work with. We spend most of our life's time at work, and so it’s all the more important that we pay some attention to it. To be just fit, effective exercises are enough. But if you want your staff to be physically fit and also have tools for ascendence of energy and balance in day to day activities, then Classical Yoga becomes a significant tool.

Origin Arts & Wellness offers simple but effective set of yoga practices and meditation suitable for your business activities. We meet employees online, in-person or both the medium as per your need. We customize the workshops and retreats for personal rejuvenation, physical fitness, nutrition and team building activities, coordinating with the respective organization. Best prices are offered so that all the members of your business could make the most out of our services.
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Our Happy Members

"I learnt Sadilaja, yoga for joints at my work from Yogesh and Tanamayi. Every morning, I practice and totally enjoy how I feel afterwards. My job involves in working in a computer and with these practices my wrists and shoulders feel so much better now. I notice that it keeps me relaxed and energized all day unlike before. So, when I return home, I still feel fresh to be active with my family which is a huge change. I am grateful to my organization to offer this opportunity."

Ashwini, Manager, Center for Living Bhuddhist Art, India

Origin Arts & Wellness is pleased to serve various local, State, and international corporations and organizations to meet their employees/members needs. We offer our gratitude for the following managements for their wellness efforts, support and cooperation. 

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