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About us


Tanamayi is a graphic designer, editor and a certified Classical Hatha Yoga instructor with more than 1,750 hours of training from Sadhguru Gurukulam in India.

Her passion for dance has lead her to perform Bollywood, folk and classical dance forms. She has been sharing her joy of dancing through dance workshops to children and adults in India, Africa and USA. She is an online dance instructor at CALA, Middle Tennessee State University. She witnesses how dance helps people overcome depression, coordination, mobility issues, flexibility and stamina. She happens to rub off her joy and enthusiasm to those who cross her path.

In the yogic lifestyle, consuming pranic (positive energy) diet is important to Tanamayi and Yogesh. Being a cake lover, she found her skills for baking when she met her dear friend, Martha. Bam! Lots of pranic sweets! Her husband, Yogesh being an American, she experiments on different cuisines and evolves her own recipes using alternatives to food items which have negative impact on the system.

"When I dance, cook or simply be, I experience a heightened state of joy which I long to snap back into and wish for everyone to experience. The foundation indeed sprouted from Classical Yoga. Grateful to my parents to introduce me at the age of 11 to yoga and the source,  Sadhguru and grow in His Isha ashram for 13 years!"



Yogesh is a certified Movnat Physical trainer, purple belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and a certified Classical Hatha Yoga instructor with more than 1,750 hours of training from Sadhguru Gurukulam in India. He has over 12 years of experience in yoga and meditation.


Having certain mastery over Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and movement training, Yogesh was able to apply those tools when he saw the potential of Sadhguru School students in Rural Uganda. He trained the students and created a Jiu Jitsu team to compete in the Ugandan National Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship, 2019. The audience were amazed by how the students performed and won the first three prizes and the efficiency of the coach to train them in such a short time. Watch the tournament trip here.

​His passion for art and yogic culture has led him to pursue training under one of the best Tibetan Masters of Buddhist Thangka Paintings, Master Locho and his wife, Master Sarika at Dharamshala, HP, India. He enjoys sharing his learning and knowledge with all who cross his path. Currently serving South Carolina State Parks as a Park Ranger and offering wellness sessions for his fellow employees.

“When I first started on this path, yoga was a way of trying to be superhuman and  my Art was just a way of trying to seem supercool. But that led nowhere. 
Now they are both a celebration of Divinity. So Grateful to be living in this grace."

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We started our life together since our wedding in 2015 and our journey to offer

yoga & wellness started since our teachers training graduation in 2016.

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