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Balance . Joy . Fitness

Origin Arts & Wellness is a platform to support people with effective tools of classical yoga, dance, recreational training, art and nutrition for all levels of body, mind and energy.

We mainly experience life through our body and mind. A healthy body and mind is very essential to live a balanced joyful life. We offer different tools (online/in-person) to all walks of life, which have been working for people to attain and maintain harmony and equilibrium. We hope you allow us to serve you as well.

Yoga we offer | Dance Channel
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Our Participants' sharing

"As a philosophy professor, I have a need to work on a computer, stand for extended period, to be alert and listen to my students. Upa yoga has been helping me tremendously. I use the first part of Upa Yoga right before I go to bed. It helps me with my aging stiffness when I wake up the next day. I do the full Upa Yoga in the morning that helps me go on throughout the day with ease. I do not feel my joint are 65". - Jack Purcell, TN
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