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Thu, Oct 19


Terra Nova Center

2023 Navratri Festival

Revering Feminine has always been prominent in Indian culture. Navratri is a period of nine days celebrating the Divine Feminine and is happening from 15 Oct to 23 Oct, 2023. We would like to bring our communities together for one evening to celebrate the exuberance of feminine in and around us.

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2023 Navratri Festival
2023 Navratri Festival

Time & Location

Oct 19, 2023, 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Terra Nova Center, 3475 Reasonover Rd, Cedar Mountain, NC 28718, USA


About the event

What Is Navratri? 

Sadhguru: The Indian culture draws its roots on profound observations of the human system and its relationship with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and different aspects of the Divine. This is also reflected in when and how we celebrate our festivals. Navratri literally means “nine nights.” These nine nights are counted from the day after new moon day or Amavasya. These first nine days of the lunar cycle are considered feminine. This is a special time for Devi, who represents the feminine nature of the Divine. The ninth day is called Navami. The one-and-a-half-days around the full moon are a neutral time. The remaining eighteen days are masculine in nature. The feminine phase of the month is about Devi. That is why in the tradition, all worship up to Navami is dedicated to Devi.

There are twelve nine-day periods in a year and each of these is focused on a different aspect of the feminine Divine or Devi. The Navratri that comes around October is considered the most significant one because it is dedicated to Sharada, the goddess of learning. Among the many things that a human being can do, this tradition lays greatest emphasis on learning. Other creatures can run faster than us; they are stronger than us; they can do many things that we cannot do – but they cannot learn like we can. The pride of being human is that you can learn just about anything – if you are willing.

Importance of Navratri – a Time of the Feminine:

When we say “masculine” and “feminine,” we are not talking about the gender; we are talking about the basic qualities in the existence, the polarities. The physical world can only exist between polarities – day and night, darkness and light, masculine and feminine, and male and female. Male and female is a manifestation of the masculine and feminine qualities, not a quality by itself.

The post autumnal equinox is the time of the feminine. Since this part of the year naturally supports the feminine, certain societies have worked to establish the feminine consciously, because the masculine asserts itself without much encouragement. The feminine needs support to assert itself – otherwise it moves into the background.

In any given society if feminine moves into the background, they will become conquerors. That means they will sit on an empty shell of life. They will conquer the whole world, and find that they have no taste of the world. This is the plight of the masculine that they reach the top of the world and then feel miserable right on the top. 

Consciously bringing the feminine into your home, culture, and day-to-day practices is very important. The Indian culture created a whole series of processes, rituals and many other devices so that you go through this properly.


Event Itinerary_5:00-7:30pm:

Devi offering



All humans are welcome from any age, gender, race, religion, cultures etc. Children, siblings, parents, grandparents, great grandparents would rejoice activities together. Please note: No smoking and no drinking in the premises 🙏🏽 🌺 🍛 💃🏼 ❤️

What to bring?

Nothing but yourself, dressed colourfully and comfortably, (and warmly as it’s getting cold here). If possible, please bring a lime, a flower and a plate for each person for the offering. If you would like to bring anything more, you are welcome to bring whole fruits & flowers. If you can’t get any of these, don’t worry. Please just be present. We will share what we have.

What not to bring? 

No need to bring any food. Fresh food from fresh raw ingredients that we are preparing will be vegan & gluten-free with lentils for protein and two nut-free items. So it suits everyone.

How to come?

It is best to fast that day to keep your system be more receptive. We will break the fast with a healthy dinner after the offering. If you are not sure how to fast, have water and honey mixed luke warm water everytime your stomach growls and hold a strong mind when the mouth longs for some food out-of-habit; but if you have any health situation that you cannot be without food or you have a hard working activities during the day, then please choose to have fresh juices or whole fruits or salad or light easily digestible food but please avoid meat and milk products on this day as they make the system dull. At least from 2:30pm, please do not eat any solid foods but water or honey mixed water for energy. So that, for 5pm your are in light stomach condition.

What do we get?

A great privilege to prepare and serve food, and offer tools to bring more love, light, laughter, & inner awareness, an opportunity to give back to the community who have supported us in many different ways 🙏🏽 🙇‍♀️

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